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Christina Vogelsang is an urban sociologist, project manager and curator. The focus of her work is on the conception and implementation of cultural projects of various sizes and the identification of potentials for the development of urban spaces or underused buildings.
As a curator she has advanced the community gallery Roter Hahn, initiated exhibitions and performances in non-institutionalized settings and worked as a seasonal manager at the Cape Clear Heritage Center in Ireland. She gives workshops and seminars on art in public spaces and on participatory art projects.
Her interest in the design and built of public spaces was reflected in her five year stint on the building committee in Groepelingen, Bremen, and she participates in various spatial planning processes and supports alternative building projects. Currently she is the speaker of the Bremen Green Party┬┤s Cultural Work Group and a member of the Historic Society in Groepelingen, the Bremen Center for Building Culture and the Horse Museum in Verden. She can be contacted at info @
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